Executive Suites at World Plaza
Executive Suites at World Plaza

Conference Room Rentals


The Executive Suites at World Plaza, offer a spacious conference room with a professional atmopsohere is available to all of our tenants, as well as outside guests.  Each booking must be a minimum of one hour and not exceed 6 hours. If interested in a more personal space, there is a virtual office* that may also be rented out with a minimum of 1 hour.


Whenever you have a scheduled you have a meeting, our receptionist will make sure your guests are comfortable by offering them a beverage and showing them to the conference room for your meeting.  We are also happy to help with ordering food or beverages from local delivery restaurants while you continue with your meeting.


Virtual Office Rentals

*The virutal office is a fully furnished and functional office, complete with a desktop phone & Internet access for clients to rent on an hourly basis. Clients may bring  family photos to place in the office to make it appear as if it is there own.


Call (239) 603-7722 with questions and appointment times TODAY!

Client Rental Rate

Conference Room: $45.00/per hour

Virtual Office: $30.00/per hour

Capped off at 5 Hours

Guest Rental Rate

Conference Room: $65.00/per hour

Virtual Office: $50.00/per hour

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